Explorer Yoga’s tips for a great outdoor yoga experience!


Please bring your yoga mat if you have one. You might also consider bringing a large beach towel or even a blanket (maybe both), especially if you want to stay off the grass. If you don’t have a yoga mat, no worries! A towel or blanket will do. Whatever you bring, you’ll be glad to know that our practice space is 100% chemical-free!

Carefully inspect your practice space. Check your spot to ensure that it is free from debris (twigs, stones, or other obstacles) before you put down your mat. Remember that few outdoor surfaces are perfectly even (this makes balancing postures a little more challenging, but that’s a good thing!) TIP: a blanket or towel can help even out your practice surface and can also be used to pad tender knees or wrists.  


While the local insect population is kept in check by our feathered friends (they love our chemical-free space), we can’t guarantee that insects will not show up next to you. So you may want to wear insect repellent (or bring some with you) in case insects show up for class. If you are looking for natural alternatives to DEET, look for insect repellents that use picaridin and oil of lemon eucalyptus as the active ingredients. You could also make your own bug-off spray by combining in a spritz bottle 2 cups witch hazel and 1.5 tsp lemongrass essential oil.  TIP: to make sure you are not sensitive to any products or ingredients, do a spot test 24 hours before you plan to use it on a larger area of your body.



The practice area has ample shade in the evenings, however, we encourage you to consider wearing sun protection for our morning classes. TIP: apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before sun exposure, to allow time for it to take effect.



Check the forecast before class so that you will be prepared and can dress for the temperature and conditions. If the decision to cancel class due to inclement weather is made, registered students will receive an email from the Schedule Bliss reservation system when we cancel the class. The cancellation will also be posted in Schedule Bliss (online and mobile app). We apologize in advance for any inconvenience to you related to the weather or unforeseen events. If we cancel a class due to the weather or other circumstances, you will receive your choice of a full refund or class credit.



Bandanas are multi-purpose props that are super easy to transport! We like to use bandanas during yoga in the following ways: 1) as a short ‘strap’ for certain yoga postures; 2) worn ‘cowboy’ style over mouth and nose to keep out allergens on breezy or high pollen count days; 3) as a headband to keep sweat out of eyes; and 4) folded over and placed over eyes during savasana.



If you have yoga blocks or a yoga strap, feel free to bring them with you! These lightweight props are a great way to enhance your practice, and they allow you to find the version of a pose that serves you best. A folded or rolled towel or blanket can come in handy as well. Due to contact precautions, we will not be providing props at this time. However, we have some sanitized, gently used blocks and straps available for purchase; contact us if you’re interested!



To stay hydrated, make sure to bring some water with you. Consider carrying hand sanitizer whenever you are away from home, to keep those hands clean!


Wipe your mat down on both sides. A cheap and easy way to clean your mat is to use dish soap and water; use 4 drops of dish soap to 2 cups of water (using too much soap can make your mat slippery). Allow your mat to dry on both sides before you roll it up. Place your towel or blanket in the dryer for about 10 minutes, place your clothes in the laundry, and take a shower. 


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