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Tips for a Great Yoga Experience

​Studio Classes

  • Wear clothes you can move in. They don't have to be skin-tight, but avoid anything too loose-fitting as they may hang and get in your way during some poses.

  • Bring a yoga mat or large towel to practice on. If you don't have anything suitable, or you accidentally leave it at home, don't skip practice! We have loaner mats available. 

  • Arrive early. 10-15 minutes is best, but at the very least give yourself enough time to:

    • Sign in as soon as you arrive

    • Take off your shoes, jacket, and anything else you wear on the street but don't need for yoga

    • Turn off your cell phone so you can leave the outside world behind for a little while! 

  • Stay for the entire session. The final poses often help you transition back to "normal" without losing the sense of peace gained throughout the lesson.

outdoor class tips

Outdoor Classes

Yoga outside allows us to get outside our comfort zones and stay connected to nature. Here are our recommendations for your outdoor yoga practice: 



Wear breathable layers that you can move and stretch easily in. If rain or mist is in the forecast, a light rain jacket is recommended. Remember the 20 degree rule and dress as if it is 20 degrees warmer than it actually is (so, if the forecast is 40 degrees, put on clothing that would keep you comfortable at 60 degrees). You may feel a bit chilly until you get warmed up, but that won't take long! When in doubt, wear an extra layer that you can tie around your waist in case you get too warm. Bring a hat or ear muffs and gloves; you can always stash them if you don't need them. 



Wear sturdy shoes that you can walk or hike in. Light hikers or trail shoes are great. 



We love using hiking poles or walking sticks to assist with balancing postures, as well as during a hike or walk. To stay hydrated, make sure to bring some water with you. Also consider carrying hand sanitizer whenever you are away from home, to keep those hands clean!


Check the forecast before class so that you will be prepared and can dress for the temperature and conditions. 


In the past, we've been known to say "leave your expectations at the door" for our indoor classes. For outdoor yoga, you can just leave them in your vehicle! There are more distractions in an outdoor class; this means that we have even more opportunities to practice mindfulness and non-attachment. When you stay open to whatever comes, amazing things can happen! No matter your level of physical ability, you will be able to find just the right amount of challenge in our outdoor classes.

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