Explorer Yoga’s tips for a great online yoga experience!

Preparation is key when it comes to getting the most out of our online classes!

We recommend that you: 


  1. Put the class on your calendar. Treat it like you would any other important appointment. When you show up for yourself, amazing things can happen! 

  2. Wear comfy clothing that you can move in easily (layers are recommended). 

  3. Gather your props! If you don't have a yoga bolster, blocks, or a strap, no worries! You can use blankets, large books, and a belt or piece of rope instead. We’ll show you how to use what you have to enhance your practice. 

  4. Set the mood! Bring out your essential oils or scented lotion, if you enjoy using them. If you have an essential oil diffuser, now is a great time to use it! Consider lowering the lighting in the room or use candles (we love our battery operated ones). You may choose to play gentle music in the background. Your microphone will be muted during the class, so you can play whatever music you like. We find that instrumental music (without words) is less distracting. You can also practice without music.

  5. Have a pen and paper (or a journal) handy. Use them to write down your intention, notes, or any observations you have during class. 

  6. Find a quiet place in your home that is warm. If you think you might be too cold on the floor, layer up or use a folded blanket or two to provide some insulation between you and the floor. If there are other people in your house, let them know that you need some quiet time for yourself for the duration of the class. 


Reminder: There's no need to be self-conscious; you do NOT have to have your camera on to participate. We look forward to having you join us from the comfort of your home for this special offering!


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